The security and privacy of your home is one of the most valuable services we offer through our property services.

If your movements are planned and publicised, this provides added incentives for potential breaches in security to occur in your absence and the reliance on technology such as Alarms and CCTV only go part way as a deterrent.

Our property services provide security personnel or a security team within your home that offers discrete protection to give you and your family more freedom to pursue your normal activities. Beaufort Major looks after your safety, security and privacy when you need it most; your private life remains private and your home remains secure. We offer two levels of service; a full Residential Security Team (RST) that are close protection trained and qualified or a house security team that are Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licensed and control access and egress from your property.

Whether it is for your main residence or one you visit; for short-term or ad-hoc cover; for holiday or refurbishment cover; or 24/7, 365 days a year cover; we can provide a specialist team and technology solution that’s right for you. Our security personnel are all licensed operatives with the SIA.

For added security you can also consider our TSCM services.