Corporate success and a significant client list brings with it many advantages, but can bring unwanted attention from hostile elements. This poses a challenge to all aspects of both physical and cyber security. Beaufort’s role is to sit alongside the client, highlight and seek to mitigate these risks and provide ongoing support and advice.

We provide a comprehensive security review, encompassing all aspects of the corporate day. We look to identify the hidden risks within daily business activities and close vulnerabilities as well as discovering weak links within the surrounding environment. Helping to prepare for unexpected events that can cause harm to business and impact reputation. Beaufort will create and deliver a bespoke training module and for your staff members who become the ‘eyes and ears’ of your business by having raised their security awareness.

Social Media and digital platforms pose a significant threat to security and can cause irreparable damage to reputation when caution is not taken. We regularly find that staff are not versed on the risks and dangers of using all forms of social media, both personally and also for the security of the business and in turn, its clients. Beaufort aim to educate and inform to the highest standards to protect your corporate identity.

By challenging all aspects of security, and inviting Beaufort as a friendly force to test and highlight areas where awareness can be improved, alongside investment in training, you are protecting your business, giving you the confidence to go about daily business without restriction, knowing that hidden risks will have been mitigated.

Corporate services (Physical and Cyber):