When you become a Beaufort Major client:


  1. The first step in our process is to establish and build a solid, trusted relationship under full NDA. Providing excellent security solutions has to work based on mutual trust so it’s imperative that all parties gel and feel comfortable to create an open and honest engaging two way communi-cation flow. To enable us to provide the most robust security solution it is critical that all infor-mation is fully disclosed, as withholding information can lead to gaps.
  2. From initial discussions, we offer solutions based on the risks identified. We always like to offer a clear menu of choices so that our clients can make informed decisions based on their appe-tite.
  3. We then document, report and outline the basic requirements of our recommendations, providing information to support the basis of our opinion and the benefits of that action. We will then offer add-on layers that are available to strengthen and enhance security further should our clients wish to uplift their security either at that point, or at any stage in the future.
  4. We provide a clear indication of costs at this stage to keep our clients informed and to enable them to process a budget in their minds at all times.
  5. All agreements are clearly documented, and a shared understanding of expectations are de-fined.
  6. All work undertaken is done in a timely, efficient and professional manner. With regular com-munication our clients are kept up to date on progress at all times.
  7. Any changes or amendments are further documented throughout the process to avoid any potential misunderstandings. If amendments result in a change to costings, these are agreed prior to implementation to avoid billing surprises.
  8. Any physical tasks that are required (installation of alarms, TSCM etc) are set to an agreed schedule around priorities and lifestyle to cause minimal disruption. Our team will oversee and manage that process of agreed work, providing updates during the process and full report once complete, along with an executive summary.
  9. Any research required or writing of protocols, as well as required training courses are all de-signed around a pre-approved bespoke brief. If circumstances arise that cause any delay in project completion, this will always be discussed and agreed working with our clients prior to any continuation.

We pride ourselves on building an authentic ongoing relationship, which in turn provides immense value to our clients. Security requirements can change in a heartbeat with ever changing circumstances, having security consultants available who understand how you, our clients think and how your lifestyle works, as well as the people involved can be invaluable in times of stress or a real threat. We can make decisions and take action speedily with knowledge.

At all times Beaufort will monitor and oversee requirements and delivery. We will work with appointed 3rd parties where applicable to project manage and communicate updates to all interested parties to provide one port of call for every project.

Working with introducers:

We regularly receive requests from other professionals to provide one off services or solutions to their clients as a trusted, reliable and professional supplier.

Examples can include:

  • Property search companies – who engage with us to accompany an international client who is spending two days viewing properties in London.
  • Travel companies – who engage with us to accompany a visiting tourist couple from their hotel to a London event and back to hotel.
  • Lawyers – who engage with us to accompany an individual private client to court hearings if it is considered press/media may be an issue.

For more information on this type of work or any of the others services that we can provide on your behalf to your clients, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We are happy to work alongside professionals as extended colleagues to offer any of our services on an ongoing basis, or simply as a one off task. Regardless of the relationship, you can be assured you and your clients will receive a professional solution that meets your exacting needs.

We operate quality management systems in accordance with
BS EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.