Meet the Team

The Directors’ primary objective is to provide the highest level of personal attention to their clients, recognising that each is unique.

They draw on considerable experience and their reputations for personal integrity and attention to detail.

Beaufort Major guarantees the delivery of a consistent and professional service which addresses each client’s specific requirements.


Julie Young, Co-Founder and Director at Beaufort Major, recognised a gap in the security industry and set up the business to deliver the perfect vehicle to channel the skills and expertise she has honed throughout her career. During her time spent in the military, Julie gained a unique grounding for the professionalism and disciplines now delivered through Beaufort Major. Trained in all aspects of close protection and surveillance and with 15 years as a Global Operations Director managing multiple aspects of security, these skills set Julie apart from others in the field.

“It is with confidence that we deliver security solutions, offered in such a way as to alleviate concerns, mitigate risk, and deliver projects to meet client expectations at the very highest standard.”

Julie’s personal ethos for a dedicated effort and concentrated approach on any task to successful conclusion was established even before military service, and has served her well within all aspects of her career.

Julie has UK Government Security Clearance and an SIA Front-Line Close Protection Operator’s Licence and is also an MCA qualified Company Security Officer (CSO).

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:

Office: +44 (0) 7753 234 688



Mary Jones, Co-Founder and Director at Beaufort Major, identified that there were many companies providing one or a few elements of security, but none that could provide a total holistic approach to each unique circumstance. Joining forces and combining skills and experience with Julie Young, they set about a partnership to deliver a service that was unrivalled in the sector.

“I am extremely proud of the strong position Beaufort now hold in the marketplace. Our service and standards are second to none, which has commanded an enviable client base which continues to grow.”

Mary boasts an impressive career history, leading large corporate organisations at a senior level. This experience has assisted in identifying potential security risks and applying appropriate mitigation measures to avoid breaches and incidents.

Mary holds an SIA licence.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:

Mary Jones: +44 (0) 7515 917 234